Board of Directors

Many thanks to our volunteer Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Honorary Members whose industry expertise and tireless hours of support keep the Arizona AFCC in motion.

Executive Committee

  • President: Benjamin Deguire, J.D.
  • President Elect: Norma Izzo, J.D.
  • Vice President: Sidney Buckman, M.A.
  • Secretary: Timea Hargesheimer, J.D.
  • Treasurer: Kathy McCormick, B.A., C.P.
  • 1st Past President: Michael Aaron, J.D.

Board of Directors

  • Hon. Lisa Abrams
  • Paul D. Bennett, J.D.
  • Stacey Brady, J.D.
  • Hon. Dean Christoffel
  • Joi Hollis, M.Ed.
  • Barb Kiffmeyer, L.M.S.W.
  • Hon. Ronee Korbin Steiner
  • Celice Korsten, Psy.D.
  • Tracy McElroy, M.A.
  • Hon. Jose S. Padilla
  • Hon. Ken Sanders
  • Julie Skakoon, M.C., L.P.C.
  • Rebecca Stahl, J.D., LLM
  • Diana Vigil, M.A.
  • Susan Winder, L.C.S.W.
  • 2nd Past President, Jason Castle, J.D.
  • Student Member: Kolette Butler, J.D.
  • New Professional: Kirsten Tobin, J.D.

Honorary Members

  • Honorary Founder: Clarence Cramer, M.A.
  • Frederic Mitchell, Ph.D.
  • Honorary Founder: Russell Schoeneman, Ph.D.